AngularJS: Write Inside Input Box Via JS, Do Not Transfer The Value In The JSON

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Background: I have an external device (barcode reader) that sends information back to a tablet when the user scans something. I subscribe to that channel and I need the value to be inside the currently focused cell and write it there.

Bug: I can catch the subscription and write the value visually in the Input box, but it never reaches the JSON underneath. I also tried $scope.$apply() but it did not change anything (maybe I used it wrong).

"Working" Plunker with the problem

$scope.randomClickOnStuff = function() {
    // Here Randomely publish stuff with value so we can write it in specific field.
    window.setTimeout(function() {
        if (!$scope.stopMe) {
        } else {
            // Stop the loop.
    }, 1000);

var callbackCompleted = function(resultValue) {
    // Important code Here
    // Code to write in the input box here.

    if (document.activeElement.localName == "input") {
        // Option 1:
        //--> Work Visually <-- but do not put the value inside the JSON.
        document.activeElement.value = resultValue;

        // Option 2:
        // Problem: The "document.activeElement.attributes['ng-model'].value" is not link with the scope, but with the ng-repeat row. So I have access to the Scope, but not the Row item.
       //var binding = document.activeElement.attributes['ng-model'].value;
       // Rule: I might not know where the Item is so I cannot do $scope.complexObject[row][binding]
    } else {
        console.log("not inside a Input box.");

vm.objectOtSubscribeTo.subscribe(channelToUse, callbackCompleted);




One solution would be to keep track of the selected row and cell by setting them on focus of one of the cells

$scope.focusedRow = false;
$scope.focusedCell = false;

$scope.setFocused = (row, cell) => {
  $scope.focusedRow = row;
  $scope.focusedCell = cell;

/* In callback... */
if ($scope.focusedRow !== false && $scope.focusedCell !== false) {
    () => $scope.complexObject[$scope.focusedRow]
      ["cellInTheRow"][$scope.focusedCell] = resultValue

<input type="text" ng-model="row.cellInTheRow[key]"
  ng-focus="setFocused(rowKey, key)" ng-blur="setFocused(false, false)">