AngularJS Metadata With Dynamic Async Content

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I have an angular application running within a .net application and I am trying to implement meta tags for SEO and other purposes. The problem I'm having is that I don't know the page title etc until after a call to an external site.

For example, a URL I might navigate to is This would make a call to which will then return information such as name to be used in the title of the page and other important metadata.

The problem here is while this works from a users perspective, crawlers and open grid won't wait for that information and so only the websites default metadata is visible.

I have looked at server side rendering for angularjs (angular 1) as an option but was unable to find anything usable, is anyone familiar with something I can use to ensure the correct data for the page is provided to search engines etc?



Depending on your application and requirements there are a few ways of doing this.

  1. You can use a service such as
  2. You can setup rendertron or puppeteer to prerender your pages
  3. In case you upgrade to Angular 6+, you can use Angular Universal

I have used puppeteer as a build step, when most of the important information wasn't too dynamic and that worked really well. A bunch of people seem to be pretty happy with Rendertron and, too.