Android Studio Fails To Find Cocopods Installation After Upgrade To Bumblebee On Mac M1

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I had an upgrade on Android Studio from Arctic Fox to Bumblebee v2021.1.1 on Mac M1 and surprisingly iOS version of Flutter app stopped working. It says

Cocoapods not installed.skipping pod install However, I can locate cocoapods and its components installed

gem list --local | grep cocoapods

I can run the iOS project from Xcode without any issues, and looks like linking of cocoapods is messed up on Android upgrade. Looking for some help.



It's a issue of flutter integration with new update of android studio Here you can find more about this

for now there are two solutions:

  1. Open android studio using command line, run below command in terminal -

    open /Applications/Android\

  2. Add missing flag to android studio, run below command in terminal -

    chmod +x /Applications/Android\