Android "Hello, MapView" Tutorial - Map Tiles Do Not Load

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I am new to Android software development and new to this site. I am hoping someone might have some experience with the problem I am having.

I've been following the Hello, MapView tutorial in order to not only learn the Android framework, but also the Google Maps library. I've tried my best to implement things exactly as the tutorial has instructed. My problem is that the application does load in my emulator (or even on my phone for that matter), but the map tiles do not load.

Searching Google I found a post by someone else on another site having the same issue, but his/her problem was that the important elements added to the AndroidManifest.xml file were not in the right order. I double-checked this in mine, but everything seems to be right.

So, I am not sure what the issue is and was hoping others have seen this before. I can provide any snippets of code, if that would help.

Thank you.



Non-loading tiles are usually the result of not having the API key set up correctly. Obtaining a Maps API key

To answer the response you left to d.: If you want to have it "just work" when you run from Eclipse you'll need to get an API key for your debug certificate. There's instructions on the same page as before. Do note that you'll have to swap back to your other key before publishing though.