Aion Faucet For Test Coins

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I'm working on a simple dApp in AION and I need to have some aion coins to test with. Is there a faucet like the Ethereum Rinkby faucet?



Welcome to StackOverflow Peter! As DavOS pointed out, there's a faucet for the Mastery test network available. Here are the basic steps taken from the Aion documentation.

  1. Sign up or login to Gitter.
  2. Search for mastery_faucet and join the Aion Mastery Faucet channel.
  3. Paste your public address into the channel.
  4. A few seconds later the faucet-bot will reply saying your request has been processed.
  5. You should now have 1 AION in the address you supplied.

Keep in mind that you can only ask for 1 AION per day from the master_faucet bot. There are a few kinks in this process at the moment. There is a faucet website planned to come out later this year apparently.


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