Accessing Media Manager With Different User Persmissions

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I built a plugin to store post image using media finder widget, and I set two roles admin and data-entry, when I'm accessing the backend with admin user I can add posts and images. But when I access the backend with data-entry user and when I click on media finder icon it generates the following error:

A widget with class name 'ocmediamanager' has not been bound to the controller" on line 513 of /modules/backend/Classes/Controller.php

I searched the net for any hint about this error but no luck.

I'm using October CMS Build: 434

Please advice,



Its seems you didn't add proper permission to data-entry role. To access media your role need media.manage_media permission.

You can add that permission to role and media can be accessible for that user role

Go to Settings > Administrators > Manage Roles > Select You Role for update

Now in permission tab find > System list

There will be permission named : Upload and manage media contents - images, videos, sounds, documents

Please check mark that one as well

Now your user with that role can accessmedia.

If any further query please comment.