Access JSON Lumps In Metafields With Shopify Liquid Templates

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I was wondering if anyone knew if I can access JSON in Liquid such as the example below.

I have created a metafield for the suppliers page with the namespace suppliers_details, with the key suppliers and the value:

  name: "Supplier Name One",
  address: "Supplier Address One"
  name: "Supplier Name Two",
  address: "Supplier Address Two"

In the template I have:

{% assign suppliers = page.metafields.suppliers.suppliers %}
{% for supplier in suppliers %}
  <p>{{ }}</p>
  <p>{{ supplier.address }}</p>
{% endfor %}

This doesn't work as I can't change the data into a format the the template can use to iterate through, is there a way to do this?




This is now supported and is a game changer! Shopify released a new metafield format type called "json_string" that lets you directly access the value of each node via normal liquid dot notation. I know this will make EVERYONE'S life easier. Taken from the documentation (

Here was one of the initial posts from a Shopify developer on the Shopify forums that may help: