A User With Local Admin + NETWORK SERVICE Permissions For Windows Sharepoint Timer Service

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Is it possible to create a user with permissions of both a local administrator and NETWORK SERVICE?

I've got a Sharepoint timer job which runs stsadm for which it needs local administrator permissions. On the other hand temer jobs are also used by other services which need NETWORK SERVICE permissions and those to sets of permissions only overlap, so I need a user with the "sum" of the permissions to run OWSTIMER under.

(I know that most of the operations you can perform with stsadm sharepoint administration API can be used, by in my case it is the operation which moves a site collection between content databases for which there seems to be no API equivalent).



I recommend always using domain accounts - SharePoint works best on servers connected to an Active Directory server. For production environments a best practice is using a least privilege account. I always create the following domain account dedicated to SharePoint services:


You do not need to grant any special privileges to this account as SharePoint will automatically do this for you when you specify the account during setup.