Parallel-processing Questions


Using Only One ForEach Loop

Please see the following code:- private sub picturebox1_paint(sender as object, e as painteventargs) handles picturebox1.paint

Multiprocessing so slow

I have a function that does the following : take a file as input and does basic cleaning. extract the required items

RxJava2 Parallel Download

Hi i am trying to download files parallely using rxjava2 but some how it is not working my code below: private

Promise parallelism and CPU

I need to clarify something about node.js, promises, cpu and performance. to set up a context, i will talk about an asynchronous

Multiprocessing in Python using Pool

I want to parallelize a function on a dataframe using python. i saw tutorials and i found some code.i have adjusted it to my needs. when i execute

How to use OpenMP with PARI/GP?

I want to parallelize a for loop that includes some operations from pari/gp library, along with some other operations. however, using openmp with

Proper way to compute time in openmp

I wrote a serial and parallel code for matrix multiplication and i compute the time in the serial code and got 4 seconds. however, in the parallel

Parallel Bubble Sort is blocked

My openmp program blocks on the first "for" loop of the following code, without any apparent reason. i'm simply trying to parallelize a bubble

Adding two arrays in parallel

I am fairly new to parallel programming; i am developing a program that deals with numbers in different bases and i want to parallelize the

A3C on simulink model

I am currently running seperately my deep reinforcement learning algorithms on my simulink model. they are connected by a tcp/ip connection.

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