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Boolean Field in Oracle

Yesterday i wanted to add a boolean field to an oracle table. however, there isn't actually a boolean data type in oracle. does anyone here know

Checking DBMS versions in PL/SQL

I am looking for a way to find all previous versions of the dbms (oracle is used). my point is to return versions of the dbms that ever existed on

Oracle listener state blocked

I have a webpp which works fine when under a light load. however, when we run a lot of threads each with their own database connection, then we

How can I join 4 tables

Please help to modify the below code. i want to join these two select queries such that i can get a single output with records from two diff

Filter by date in oracle SQL

I have a table with a date column (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss) as follows: 02/09/2021 09:50:37 03/09/2021 09:20:27 02/09/2021 14:05:25

How to log in an Oracle database?

I am interested in what methods of logging is frequent in an oracle database. our method is the following: we create a log table for the

oracle field combination

I am making a query to a table, where i am interested in bringing the contract numbers that are being repeated, and for this i use partition by,

Merge two table

I have two tables, one table has from_serial, to_serial and transaction_date. and another table has serial_no and activation_date. i want to merge

Hide a div in Oracle-jet

I am creating an oracle-jet application, in which i have a requirement to use ojet-lists. i call the data dynamically from a rest api. here's the

Using Case Statement in SQL

I have been learning sql,and i was trying to learn about the case on oracle livesql: this is the query i am trying to use:

SQL Before Delete IF statement

Ok so i'm writing a trigger in sql and what needs to happen is that if t is deleted and f.actdepartdatetime is not null then the table is backed

NPM Oracle: Inserting BLOBs

I am trying to use the npm oracle library and update some tables with blob values created from files on my computer. oracle documentation says to

NOT GROUP By issue

I try to make a sum in this formula but i have one issue, not group by expression ? who is the problem ? select round( sum(

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