Jan 08

Magic Forms in OctoberCMS BUG fix Solution

May of my client faced some BUG in magic form lately. So I decided to dedug it and find out its not actual bug of magic form but its due to our migty OcoterberCMS JS library.

Well, for now there is only one way to fix that bug and its to change core file of CMS. I guess in future related of OctoberCMS it will be fixed.

But till then, you have an option to fix it. If you badly inneed of bug fix solution. follow solution part.

Lets talk about BUG first, you want to send notification when client contact you. so you wil try to add recepients but guess what you can not add it due to weird bug.


let's fix this annoying bug, and let receive our preceious clients mails.

you need to open this file: modulessystemassetsuistorm-min.js (approx line no: 5808)

Edit the file suggeted in After and Before images.






<textarea class="form-control size-small field-textarea" name="name">

To This

<textarea class="form-control size-small field-textarea" name="name" value=""/>

It will fix your issue, In next OctoberCMS update I hope this bug will be fixed.