Mar 10

Magic forms octobercms ajax file upload

Sometimes just collecting text information is not enough, you also need to collect some images or even pdf files for more detailed information. In that situation, we can use magic form's Upload AJAX Form and utilize its upload feature.

In this tutorial we will learn how we can use magic forms to attach files to form as well.

For that, we need to create a simple page and add the magic form's Upload AJAX Form component to the page.

Then we need to define Upload AJAX Form components settings to enable file uploads.

  1. Enable file upload
  2. Set which file types you want the user to upload
  3. Set if a user can upload multiple files or a single file only at a time
  4. Add other field-specific rules if you need more control over the information


Once you do this you will have a brand new contact form with file upload support on the frontend


The backend magic form plugin will show you notifications about how many users filled the form, you can easily navigate to it and check filled details.


You can also check the attached files and download them as well.

These files are private so, you do not need to worry about other users who can see them. We will add more informative tutorial videos on magic forms OctoberCMS . please stay tuned.