Octobercms-backend Questions


Having a backend filter list issue

For two of my distributions i am having an unique issue when filtering any backend model list. they have different plugins. the most common thing

Creating new table in octobercms

I must create new table in octobercms project and i followed documentation and added new migration file inside plugin update file i have

OctoberCMS: Ajax Handler

I have created a plugin using builder. there are 2 models: provider location i am trying to create 3

Custom fildes for Rainlab.User

Octobercms rainlab.builder allows you to edit only certain fields. can i add custom fields? for example, home address. if this can not be done,

register permissions october cms

I need help with registering permissions for a plugin. my plugin is 'event' and model is 'event' 1 how to define feature name in

Using October CMS for specific pages

I want to use octobercms for my laravel project. the main question is that can i use octobercms for specific parts of my website? i mean for example single blog pages

Access to OctoberCMS page in code?

I have a static page in octobercms named general that has a bunch of site-wide settings including phone number and address. is it possible to access this page in code to

OctoberCMS global page properties?

Is it possible to set a series of global properties (such as social media usernames) that are available to all page views in octobercms rather than having them associated

OctoberCMS Controller Soft Delete

Does octobercms have a soft deleting form/list behavior? as per now, i had to implement the restore button myself, i also had to implement the

OctoberCMS RecordFinder Create Record

Is it possible to create a new record using the record finder? or if there are other form widget that's built for this feature? for example, in a department, there

Extending backend lists object

How could i extend the list items which are displayed in backend? i am trying to use this function: listextendrecords($records)

October CMS - API with Upload File

I'm using october to create an api that is communicating with my mobile app. in this process i am sending an image that is in the format base64, until this part is not

October CMS disallowed file types

I'm trying to upload a .pptx file to the media library in october cms and i'm getting an error because the filetype is not allowed. i have tried using the following

October CMS media finder

I have recently created a plugin (using the 'builder plugin') where i have a field for attaching images (using 'media finder widget'). everything is working fine - i can

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