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october cms vs wordpress

The October CMS versus WordPress debate is one of the most common topics in the world of web design. these two platforms are always at the top of your list.

how to add pages in october cms

October CMS gives you flexible ways to add content and pages. In October cms you can add pages in two possible ways.static pages and CMS/Editor module.

october cms export CSV

Export csv data from October CMS easily for excel with your custom logic and filters without any plugins.

Magic forms octobercms ajax file upload

Upload Ajax file easily using Magic forms OctoberCMS, Magic form's Upload AJAX Form component is built for uploading files and documents alongside contact form information.

customizing form field widget markup

In this tutorial you will learn how to customise form-field widget's markup/partials, you can fully customise look and feel of build in field widgets.

how to use charts in octobercms

OctoberCMS has built in chart library and scoreboards so you can show your statistics. There is line chart, pie char, bar chart and other Utilities.

OctoberCMS useful CLI commands

Artisan can help you to fire any OctoberCMS command on the command line easily. It will be handy for power users and OctoberCMS developers.

How to edit OctoberCms theme

In this tutorial you will learn how to editing page template, assets and theme partials, it will allow you to fully customise OctoberCMS front-end theme.

How to Install OctoberCms Theme

You will learn how to install OctoberCMS theme either manually or from the OctoberCMS marketplace directly in this tutorial.

OctoberCMS Questions

How to remove empty categories?

I have a two scenarios to solve :) let's say i built plugin (with builder) where i have products and categories. now on page with

Capture stripe payment

I am using the stripe/stripe package to capture payment for single product. everything is working as expected however when the user is returned to

OctoberCMS Sidebar not rendering

I have been trying to get familiar with octobercms, but i've come across an issue i can't seem to resolve. i have a backend controller setup with

OctoberCMS Image returns json

I am trying to show an image uploaded on the backend, however when i use it in the src attribute, it returns a json string. what is weird, is that

october cms could not find driver

First off i just want to preface that i am on shared hosting on justhost.com so i am not excluding them as a possible culprit and minimal proper

OctoberCMS scope not applying

So the scenario here is that i'm trying to create a simple scope in octobercms that will allow me to filter a query with the builder plugins list

Having a backend filter list issue

For two of my distributions i am having an unique issue when filtering any backend model list. they have different plugins. the most common thing

Replicate record in OctoberCMS

I am attempting to create a function that will duplicate an existing record using the laravel 'replicate' method. here is what i what but

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