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Namespace Alias in Laravel

I apologize if this is duplicate; please guide me to the right directions. i know we can create class aliases in laravel from

Cannot find name inside namespace

I'm trying to separate interfaces and implementations inside typescript, so i choose to use module feature. however, i always receive

Laravel external class files

I have a file that i put in app\classes\myvendor\dev_client_api.php. this file has a class in it: class someclass{

Unexpected identifier with Namespace

I have a simple code that makes a div element go back and forth on a page. everything works fine, but when i try to use namespace it doesn't work

Carbon file not found Vagrant

Laravel/framework v5.5.37 i git cloned someone's project on my machine. using vagrant with homestead box. i get this error:

"use" statements in php file

I am a beginner in laravel and while learning about "namespace" and "use" statements, i found that, for example, in controllers, when we first

Namespaces in Php/Laravel

Suppose some controller like this: <?php namespace app\http\controller use illuminate\http\request; use validator; use auth;

namespace with ES6 modules

How do i assign a namespace using es6 modules? i'd like to do with for example jquery does, where the namespace is $ but doing it the

Laravel File Paths

I am using laravel 4.2. i am following this basic tutorial on how to build

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