Mvp Questions


How can I use Repository

I use dagger2 and moxy with mvp. as i understand, presenter can call the repository for loading and unloading data from the database. but i just

Update progress bar - MVP pattern

I'm studying the mvp pattern but having a hard time following the principles in order to update in real time a progress bar. as i understand the

MVC vs MVP vs MVVM use cases

I am and android developer and i have worked on all of these three architecture patterns in my applications. also i have gone through several

Android MVP - Share Preference

I started to learn mvp but i have a few questions related the sharedpreferences, as far as i know if i want to save a value in the

Android MVP - Calls the server

I started to learn mvp but i have a few questions related the communication between the model and the presenter, for example a login feature

Android MVP with view pager

I am trying to implement mvp in my android project. but i am getting difficulty when i implement mvp with viewpageradapter. to

MVP pattern temporary data storage

I am working on an application in which different screens need to load data from api. like there is a details screen that needs to load data from

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