Multilingual Questions


Laravel Eloquent where return null

I have multilang site with laravel. i'm passing slug for params. passing from berita to beritadetail. but it show error and when dd($berita), just

CakePHP helpers and i18n

I have some questions about cakephp, i spent long time googling for a solution and as i didn't find any i'm not sure i'm taking the right

Multilanguage with Laravel

I would like to offer a finished project in other languages. the user should be able to choose himself which language he would like to use. there

switch footer in multi language site

I have a multilingual site and i have used wpml for this purpose. how can i use two different footers when changing the language? the footers are

Dynamic sitemap by language

I have several static sitemap (one sitemap for one language, ie sitemap_en.xml, sitemap_de.xml) and i want to deserve a final static sitemap.xml

Htaccess and url for multilingual site

I'm ready to use the subdirectory format for my multilingual website. my first question is: for seo, have i to translate the page name in the url or it is useless?

SEO meta for multi language website

I'm currently working on a multilanguage website and i need it to be seo optimalized. i support the dutch, english and american-english language/location. i have a couple

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