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MFC File upload

How would i upload a file to a webserver using c++ and mfc. we are not using .net. would i need to open a socket and do everything myself? if

Creating a ruler bar in MFC

What's the best way to go about creating a vertical and horizontal ruler bars in an sdi app? would you make it part of the frame or the view?

Lightbox style dialogs in MFC App

Has anyone implemented lightbox style background dimming on a modal dialog box in a mfc/non .net app. i think the procedure would have to be

How to fix an MFC Painting Glitch?

I'm trying to implement some drag and drop functionality for a material system being developed at my work. part of this system includes a

MFC CEdit placeholder text

How do i have a cedit control display placeholder text when it's empty, similar to the behavior of nstextfields in cocoa?

how to get date from CDBVariant?

I am trying to get the the day ,month ,year from sql server using cdbvariant but i cant able to do that my code is below what i want is

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