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SEO Meta Tags From Behind Code - C#

I'm new to adding meta tags from behind code, but if seo meta tags were added from behind code,from a database for example, will they work as they were added in the markup

Customize meta tag of SEO Yoast

I am using woocommerce with seo yoast. i want on product detail page show custom taxonomy seo details if product seo is not done. here is the what i am trying:

SEO on Laravel 5.4

I am implementing a website for generating analytics for various institutes in the usa. i now need to implement seo on my website. i have edited all the url's to have them

Prerender angular2 pages as pure HTML

My problem is that facebook and twitter bots do not execute javascript, and i need metatags in my items, so that the right image/title/message is displayed when sharing on

PHP code and it's Effect on SEO

So in order to minimalize code and optimize speed of my website i have used much php code. i used it to contain the entirety of the header and footer of my website.

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