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Calculate sine curve in C

I want to get a periodic value that moves between 0 and a specified height (in my case that's 40) from the sine curve. but i am messing

Unity aircraft physics

I want to make a simple aircraft controller, what looks like little realistic in unity. i watch some video from airplane physics. and make a

Simple JavaScript addition issues

I'm not so good with js and for some reason when i try to add two fields together it joins them rather than adding the sum together.. this is the

Java Calculator program issue

I am trying to develop a calculator program that inputs an arithmetic expression of the form "number operator number =" and computes the

Python route finder for aviation

I made an app that besides all other things try to find a valid route between 2 airports. i have all the required data in a sqlite3 database witch

Making a square spiral

I am trying to make a square spiral. here is a python code: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt g = 5 #step w = 0 #width of

From plain text to TEX - Javascript

I'm building a math application and i want to show math formulas written with a good design in javascript (nodejs). so i would transorm plain text

How to write (+/-) in Python?

I'm new to python and i have below this formula and i faced (+/-) before the square root. how could i write it in python?

360 Degree PNG Sequence Drag

I have a png sequence of 360 images (1 image per degree of rotation). i currently have a react component that renders the current degree of

Progress Bar for Leveling System

So this is kind of 2 questions in one, but basically i'm making a ranking/leveling system for my discord bot (discord.js) and i'm having problems

How to load MathJax in React?

I wrote an app using html which can render mathjax from script tag. now i moved to react but the mathjax equation is not rendering at all.

How to simplify sympy vectors?

I am doing some symbolic vector calculations using sympy, but i can't simplify the arguments of the vector class in a proper way.

sum a state and event value

I want to add a state and an event input value. this is like state = 2, input value = 1, the result i expect it is 3. but the result is not what i

Percent function in java

I am a 11 year old app programer and i am making a calculator app. i want to add a percent button, so the user can find percantage, but when i

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