Lumen-5.2 Questions


Use Mongo query in Lumen

I use jenssegers/laravel-mongodb package in my project. my project developed with laravel lumen micro framework, now how can i use blow mongo

Lumen Authentication

Just can't get the lumen authentication to work at all. i have a fresh install and trying to follow the docs here:

Lumen - Class url does not exist

I am using lumen to create a website, and while my controllers, routes, and views are well configured, i get an error when i try to use the

Authentication in Lumen 5.2

In the authserviceprovider; auth::viarequest('api', function ($request) { if ($request->input('api_token')) { return

Error downloading Lumen via Composer

I just updated my laravel version to 5.2 as well as updating my composer. then when i tried to install lumen via composer, i am getting an error of:

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