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Changing Locale In Queue Job

I have a mutator that converts the model's body in desired translated format. public function gettextattribute() { return

Laravel Job fail issue

I need queue job to re-run if it failed. i set $tries = 3 but i need to know if in job i catch exception is this will be considered

Laravel delete job once it fails

I have a job that times out and once it fails it dispatches another one just like itself so that it can run infinitely and without overlapping.

Laravel Jobs (Queue) do not worked

I have a problem with one of my jobs laravel. (this is the first time that i exepect this problem, i have anothers jobs who is working without

Laravel create job on queue

I am facing an issue on laravel 5.7 with jobs and queue, the job is processing but is not entered in queue, i can't see also anything on

Laravel - Email queued doesn't work

I have an application that send several email, sometimes it returns me a timeout error. so i think the solution for that is sending the emails in

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