Laravel-elixir Questions


Vue.js interceptor

How can i use a interceptor in vue.js? so before every request/response it should first go to the interceptor. i already

Installing CKEditor with npm

I am trying to install ckeditor in my project. i am using laravel. i know i could download the files but i like making my life difficult

Gulp File Not Copying Fonts

I am attempting to move some of my fonts over through my resources/assets/fonts/web-icons/ directory over so that when i use them in my layouts it

Laravel Elixir wrong paths

This is my gulpfile.js var elixir = require('laravel-elixir'); elixir(function(mix) { mix.less([ 'style.less' ],

Laravel 5.2 Elixir

I am using laravel 5.2 and i've successfully create all.css in public/css folder using gulp. but when i try to use all.css in

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