Laravel-4 Questions


Trouble with routing in laravel?

I have tried to make a contact page. but the code did not work. please help me to fix out it.......route get contact work but when

~ in Laravel 4.2 routes

Does anyone what is the tilde (~) character supposed to do in laravel route definition (not in urls

Laravel 4.0 to 5.7 migration

I have a laravel 4.0 application. is it possible to migrate this instance to laravel 5.7? what are the impacts of this on the system and how can i

Scheduler not running Laravel 5

I'm trying to run a scheduler that grabs bitcoin prices every minute and add them to a database, but i can't get the larval scheduler to run

Unlink file permission denied

I have trouble unlink a directory. before unlink, i using excel::load function to load my file then use unlink() at the

Laravel admin crud project

I'm using laravel and i need solution about admin side. i dont want to reinvent a wheel and i think good admin

Laravel admin area

Working on a basic template for all future projects and decided to use laravel. the aim is just to create a starting point for any

Insert data into table using queue

I'm using laravel queue function to auto insert data into a database table. the data will be auto-saved if the table has no record inside. my

Laravel date validation in model

I'm trying to not allow the user to save data on a specific date. now my code will lead to user can't save data even if the user selected a

Laravel: csv validations

How i can validate fields in csv file before uploading. i want to get all duplicate email ids from csv file before uploading which are

"Undefined variable: books

I'm getting this error: "undefined variable: books (view: c:\xampp\htdocs\shop\resources\views\welcome.blade.php)"

Fixed in radio button

Shown in the image. i click on buy button after clicking on sell button, another div its disable by radio button. how can i create radio button

jquery validation in textfield

I got plugin(jquery form validator) when i was surf in google, i want to make form validation, plugin use in form validation, its work perfect but

javascript validation in textfield

Instantly alert when user break validation, but here which script in 1 problem, when i click input textfield than alert msg even i didn't enter

Result is not print when value is 0

This is a function, its show result but when result 0 or null value, its not print and put blank space.when result is 0 its not print, what to

Laravel - Delete with all relations

I have a system where a user is connected to alot of different tables, these tables are also connected to different tables. when i delete a user

laravel blade template variables

In working with laravel blade templates, what's the approved way to manage variables in output? for example, i'm working on a view that

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