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how to use if else in flutter

I am new to flutter and i don't know how to change the color of label using if-else statement. basically, this statement giving me error.

How to draw images on labels

I am currently trying to draw qr codes on my labels (pylabels library). i am able to create the qr code images using the qrcode library. however,

getActivity cannot resolve

That is the code, im trying to make a graph using graphview, but i cant format the xaxis label into time, so did some search and i copied a code

labels' placing in pie chart

I am trying to make the following pie chart prettier: in particular, i have an obvious problem with the labels. i want to rotate them and

Custom edit text with borders

I am trying to put borders on edit text and put a label on it. i have made the border like this : <?xml version="1.0"

Algebra x in UILabel

I am trying to get an algebra “x” in a uilabel, what can i do. is there a font in swift that i can use, can you create one or is there a

C# Button with multiple events

I am trying to overwrite a content in an label several times by always clicking the same button. unfortunately, i only know how to override it

Label row when value changes pandas

I need a solution for the following problem. what i have is a timestamp and a value. this value can change positive, negative or remains steady.

Moving the label in Java

I wanted to make a label and move it on the screen. i tried to find some videos and other sources to find how to do so but couldn't understand

create widget in python automatic

I want send a newly and dynamically created widget directly into a specifique container qwidget by clicking on qpushbutton. i tried some things

Json data to label

I have been struggling with this for a while and just need some quick help with this basic question. let url = url(string:

Highcharts y-axis units on top

I would like to add y-axis units on top of the y-axis. for now i could use labels formatter and make the last label to be the unit. it

Multiple colors in a C# .NET label

I'm looking for a way to display multiple colors in a single c#/.net label. e.g the label is displaying a series of csv separated values that

Resizing UILabel with HTML data

I created a uilabel and synced its font size with a seekbar and loaded my html formatted text onto the uilabel. unfortunately, the format gets

PyQt5: Update labels inrun time

I have a problem updating labels in a loop during run time. i think i need to use signals and so on, but i've tried everything i can think of now.

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