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Reload Java Fx Scene?

I want to reload my scene of the java fx project. so i created a button, which has an fx-id now i want to create something, that

JavaFX trouble importing

I am new to java and i would like to convert a buffered image to a regular image object and then display to the screen. i am currently following

Can't find Method in handler

I am trying to create a basic ui with javafx. the problem is only that my handlers can't be found in my controller. my ui.fxml:

Flash a rectangle in JavaFX

How can i cause a rectangle to flash in and out of view in javafx. i am making a word search game, and i have a 2d array of randomised

How to edit JFXSpinner inner text

Is it possible to change the way the jfxspinner progress text is displayed. i don't want it to be displayed as a percentage but as an

loading empty window javafx

When i run this code it supposed to open a new window with the fxml loaded but it just opens a window that is empty. code for startup:

Java int from textfield

I'm new to java. i'm trying to get an int from a textfield for my calculator in javafx. i have 2 textfields where people can write a number:

JavaFX Toggle MenuButton

Is there a javafx menubutton (specifically a splitmenubutton) that also allows for toggling its selected state? the swing equivalent would be the

Update JavaFx grid size

How do i change my javafx grid? i want to be able to add/remove rows/columns but i am not sure how to do this. <gridpane

Video Player JavaFx

I am building a video player using javafx in netbeans ide. i need to set the label shown in the screen builder below to display the total duration

Switch between themes in JavaFX

I developed a java fx application and i use css for styling. the app uses the default colors for almost everything, so i've found that by simply

Proper way to terminate thread

I'm trying to write chat application based on sockets but i'm a bit confused, how to actually stop my server. here is my

Custom CellFactory adds new nodes

I have a weird bug and i cant find the appropriate solution. i wanted to add a treetableview to my application that shows a task taxonomy. since

JavaFx window to AWT window

I wrote a programm and i want to disable fullscreen on mac, but standard apple library doesn't work. because it needs an awt window instead of my

Repaint BorderPane (javaFx)

I have an application that can create a rectangle that decreases in size for example a lapse of time of 10 sec, but here is when i try to shrink

JavaFX - Set bounds in LineChart

I created a linechart with varying bounds for the x axis and would like to modify the x axis bounds so these will fit what i want. i've tried

JavaFX and Swing Integration Issue

I am creating and application in javaswing but later on switched to javafx and added all the modules and other swing frame in javafx maven project

Add a Rectangle to root in javafx

I try to create some shapes of javafx library.. so, in the 'start' method, when i create a new circle and i add it to the root, i don't

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