Ipad Questions


iOS/iPadOS release version

I need to "release"(without uploading it to app store) an app, but only for a single device. can this be done without joining the apple

REST API's issue

I am working on rest api's in ios application. i have tested server url and parameters

Wrong Storyboard loads on iPhone

My app is suitable for ipad and iphone. due to the size difference, the layout between the devices is completely different and i opted for two

Different UI for iPad and iPhone

In my app i have browser and ui for ipad and iphone should be different. i don't use storyboards and write all programmatically. also, when user

iOS Private Directory

I'm wondering if this snippet of code returns a directory that is private to an application and protected by the application sandbox.

iOS Control Sound Volume

I'm playing sounds like this: #import <audiotoolbox/audiotoolbox.h> #import <avfoundation/avfoundation.h> .. ..

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