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SQL Bulk import from CSV

I need to import a large csv file into an sql server. i'm using this : bulk insert csvtest from 'c:\csvfile.txt'

Retrieving data from DB crashes

I am currently learning to store some data using sqlite. the current project is planned to be a notes app. when launching the app there are

Time sorting in python

I have searched the questions on here and found that some questions are very similar to my question but not exactly what i'm after. apologies if

Laravel eloquent Update Function

Using laravel eloquent in modular development. save works well, but the update function not working as i expected. kindly check my coding method

mysql insert table by python

I just want to insert the table list into the mysql database table. here's the code: import mysql.connector # open database

laravel database not being updated

I have a model with two primary keys and i have already overrided the setkeysforsavequery(). $object->save() returned true and i tried to dd the

Insertion Sort on Linked List in C

I am trying to perform insertion sort on linked list in c using following function, it gets stuck in a infinite loop. i debugged the code and

Add an image in another image

I want to insert an image in another image, i have been able to do so using, per example, img=open('logo.png') as inserted image and

fix for a reversed link

Hey for some reason my linked list is printing in the reversed ordear for example if my input is 2->4->6 my output is 6->4->2

Strings order in Array

I have the next code, as you guess i expected to see output last line: a , b ,c ,d but the actual output is: a

Android: Update SQLite database

I am new to android. i am trying to update information in sqlite database. most of the time i able to update the information but sometimes my

PHP Inserting Duplicates In DB

I'am attempting to build a register page and the current code runs correctly but i'am getting duplicate inserts on the db side. i've researched

Refactor a Looping SQL Insert

This insert statement works. but, i'm hoping maybe someone can teach me a more efficient way to do this query. here's what i've got... i

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