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C header file loops

I have a couple of header files, which boil down to: tree.h: #include "element.h" typedef struct tree_ { struct

C / C++ clearer #includes

I really don't like when i have to navigate backwards in my includes. i'd mutch more prefere if there would be a way to avoid that. look at this

Id on <include> tag destroys layout

I have a layout in a separate xml file which gets included in other files. i want to reference the included file so i set an id. but with the id

Laravel @include controller data

I'm trying to receive data on a sidebar that is included in the blade template but i'm not getting any data delivered. i've tried adding

Connect Arduino Mega to Firebase

I have an arduino mega 2560 board and an esp8266 wifi module. i need to connect my arduino board to my firebase database, so i can get data from

Laravel5.6 (include and yield )

I'm having trouble with the @include and @yield... i slightly understand the difference but not clearly. so can somebody help me??

Including two header files in c++

I have a project i'm working on and i'm currently working on the header files. for simplicity let's say i have two header files so far. filex.h

Laravel asset vs mix

I don't get to understand the difference between using asset or mix laravel helper when you have to include some

Array.includes() returning undefined

I am trying to take a user inputed word, check it against all the words in an array and then remove the words in the array that contain any of the

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