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Set same icon for all my Forms

Is there any way to set the same icon to all my forms without having to change one by one? something like when you setup

How to change Firefox icon?

Is there any way to change firefox system icon (the one on the left top of the window)? precision : i want to change the icon of a

Generating Icon Files

I'm looking for an online solution for generating .ico files. i'd like the ico files to have the ability to have transparency as well.

favicon.ico filesize == 60KB?

So as to waste some more time today, i converted a .jpg file to .ico and put it in favicon.ico. the .jpg is less than 1kb big; the .ico file is **

Icon in material UI button

I am new to react therefore i stuck with one thing and that is , i have delete icons injected in buttons and have multiple buttons on the

Icons too small in 7'' tablet

I'm working on an application and i've received a complaint from a user that the interface is tremendously small. although in all the devices i

React component as backgroundImage

I am using react-icons in my project and what this awesome package offer is to have all free fonts images in one place and served as react

A List of all flutter Icons

I have recently started flutter and i face difficulty in searching appropriate whenever i want to use those icons. is there any website or any

Add Icon to Tab (QTabWidget)?

I'm working with a qtabwidget with three tabs. one of the tab is about information/help. so i want to use a picture of a question mark (.png)

What this icon is called?

I am trying to find the name of the icon used in this navigation bar "election" or "add election" ? or any other similar

Flutter: Using image instead of icon

I have a sample code for a radiostream player. the code provides for an icon to represent its state (paused or playing). i would like to show an

Scrollable Alertdialog Flutter

I am struggling to make the alert dialogue box scrollable in flutter. i have tried a few methods and so far this is the one that is working

How to loop icons in flutter?

I have list of data and i want to declare each list to has a icon... whenever user click the icon.. the icon will change to another icon.. here is

Where are the icons from?

I use a flutter project from github to learn dart/flutter ... but now i have a problem, because i don´t know where the icons come from! this is

glyphicon add margin in JSX

What is the proper way to add the margin to the glyphicon used in react component? i tried simple: <span classname='glyphicon

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