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How to use Gtk.events_pending?

I've got this basic "test" application, in which i would like to display a spinner while it is doing its long launching process

Static graphics in Gtk DrawingArea

I want to draw some static and some dynamic graphics on gtk drawing area. in gtk drawing area, on every call of queue_draw, it clears all the

Problems while using gtk+3 and Css

I am using c language to create a gui with gtk+3 and i want to make the style of the app with css. the problem is that the widget doesn't accept

How to reset a GTK Image?

Im using c to create a gui with gtk 3 and i face a problem , i want that a callback fonction (named "draw") print an image every time a

How to use a makefile with Gtk

My code is supposed to be divided into client, server, and header files. this is the makefile when it's all in one file - # change

GTK - Run function on window close

I'm trying to run a simple function when the 'x' button is clicked in my gtk window but am having trouble getting this to work. i get this error

Segfault in gtk_window_new

I have a simple gtk app written in c that segfaults on the line window = gtk_window_new(gtk_window_toplevel) here is the

Reduce button height in GTK+

I am creating a gtk+ 3 c application that has a very long list. the application needs to register when the user clicks on any of the list items.

initialization of GtkImage in c

I'm encountering a segmentation fault when i try to make a gtkwidget point to a memory address where i've load a png from file. i want

Rebuilding a complex Gtk Menu

I have a ubuntu program that displays a complex gtk menu with up to 4 nesting levels and a total of well over 100 menu items (not elegant, i

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