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Linking different site extensions

I'm the owner of a domain ajrecruit and from that domain i own 4 extensions. now

Is this par of SEO or its paid to google

I watched many web tutorials for seo but i never found how and why some bigger websites have this when they are searched... i don't know where to ask this beside quora and

Google webmaster fetch as google issue

I have an angularjs app. in order to make the app ajax crawlable, i changed all the '#' to '#!' . when i tried the change with google webmaster tools, the results still

Google Search snippet showing CSS code

I have very little experience with front end developing, so please be patient. i built a simple website, and uploaded it to my university's server. obviously, i most have

php seo 404 error in webmaster tool

I have a php site wich contains 1000s of pages ... every day i delete 10s of pages which already indexed by google.... when visitor come to one of thos pages i do

How to add rich snippet in a website?

I am getting a xml data through an review website but i need to add a rich snippet to this so google can show the ratings but i am unable to find the exact example

fix google crawl 404 errors with laravel

I've replaced lately an old website with a new one made with laravel. now if i check google webmaster tools i have some 404 errors due of course to different uris.

Crawling hashbangs without ajax

I have an website with implemented hashbangs instead of hashtags. what i mean, i have inner sections which are hidden and when user click on some icon, an section for this

Javascript pagination and SEO

I have a single-page application based on react.js. in one view i have a paginated table containing links to other pages on the left side and some content on the right

No hreflang return tag detected by Google

I have some indexing errors on google search console saying that many pages of my site have an alternate version in another language but they miss the "return tag" , which

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