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GWT or DOJO or something else?

I come from the microsoft world (and i come in peace). i want to rapidly prototype a web app and if it works out, take it live - and i don't want

Framework 7 pages not loaded

I tried to create a web-app using framework7 core (without node, react, vue). i found that clicking the tabs at the bottom of

Laravel Table Filters

I'm trying to implement filters on a table in my laravel application. for example, i have an orders table with a column 'order status'. i want to

How to update data in laravel

I'm having trouble updating records in my database with laravel. i want the user to be able to change its name/email address by filling in a form.

Vue form not submitting

I'm trying to submit a form with data in order to get an api key that i need to use to fetch the api data. i made a form in vue.js, however, it's

Applications of Frameworks

I have read enough posts on what a framework is and how it is different from a library..including the inversion of control. just one

Watch Property Doesn't work in Vuejs

I started to learn vuejs, in the middle of a job i tried to test the watch property but it doesn't work for me, can you tell what's wrong with the

Laravel group 2 Collection by key

I'm working on a laravel project, and got a problem, i get from the database 2 things (expenses and payments), which returns a collection object.

How to use the laravel 5.2 mimes?

I've put the file in accordance with the validation. but why do mimes don't work? i have also added the ' enctype = "multipart/form-data"

Element becomes width of 0

I think i successfully created a slider (please do say your comments on it), and i was able to implement it in my project. the

Best way to avoid singleton

For our ios programming class we must make a framework for swift ios. we had the idea of a framework simplifying coredata manipulation. i began by

Import Swift charts

I am currently trying to import the swift charts framework to my projects but got some problems. it keeps saying "no such module charts" does

Laravel 5 Video player

I am looking for advice on how to get a single promotional video to play on my website. i am using a laravel framework. i have looked at various

OctoberCMS or pure Laravel

I need to create a web app (product/estimates configurator) + ecommerce + website and i can't decide between laravel or

How to get IP laravel 5.1 and print?

I am working on laravel 5.1 and do not know how to get the ip and print it. i know that in php using $_server[“remote_addr”]. i have tried this

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