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Security for downloading .bin files

I have created .bin file download functionality. all my .bin files are stored in the 'storage/app/files' folder. user from view template press on

413 Uploading large files to s3

I'm trying to upload some large files > 200mb through a form input to s3, but i seem to be getting 413 request entity too large. do i

How to read a symlink in Node.js

I want to read a symlink, and get the details of the link itself, not the contents of the linked file. how do i do that in node, in a

Laravel API temp image via url

I'm working on a laravel api project, let see when you upload a image i change the colors, with a shell script. the api accepts urls so that means

Server-side file system browser

I am creating a node.js web interface for an internal project in the company i am working at. the web page should allow users to select a file

EXT2: Understanding inode bitmaps

I have a 1280 inodes per block in a ext2 filesystem. i want to know the status of the inode 1282, which i know is used. i read the first byte of

How can I make a Xml output to file?

I have a xml output. i convert an array to xml. but how can i convert this output as a file? i need to store this file my storage folder because i

Laravel 5.6:Check if a file exists

So i'm creating user profiles in laravel and want to show a generic profile image if the user hasn't uploaded his/her own profile image with the

Gradle task to rename file

I want to do a simple file rename in a gradle task. i have a jar called project-1.5.jar under the folder src and i want the jar to be renamed to

iOS Private Directory

I'm wondering if this snippet of code returns a directory that is private to an application and protected by the application sandbox.

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