Favicon Questions


Image icon beside the site URL

I would like to have information about the icons which are displayed alongside the site urls on a web browser. is this some browser specific

Generating Icon Files

I'm looking for an online solution for generating .ico files. i'd like the ico files to have the ability to have transparency as well.

Favicon.ico on multi-domain sites?

We’re using add-on domains for our multi-site magento setup running off one skin file on domain1.com and was wondering how we go about setting

Cannot get Favicon.ico to display

I have copied my favicon.ico file to my apache document root. i had to add an apache rewrite exception for it and now it is accessible from

favicon.ico in Java WAR file

Can anybody provide some instruction on how to setup a war file to show a favicon.ico in the browser address bar?

Favicon with webpack and vue-cli

Hey everyone so i have a predicament. index.html is created by webpack for my vue project. it's currently looking for favicons inside the the dist

TYPO3 - Add to homescreen icon

I have a typo3 9 website and want to add the startpage to my homescreen on android 9. after adding the link to my homescreen, it appears as an

node.js: Cannot find module 'ico'

My website (running on the express framework) suddenly started complaining that it needed a favicon. upon adding a favicon.ico, it now gives me

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