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Precedence: header in email

My web application sends email fairly often, and it sends 3 kinds of emails: initiated by user, in response to an event in the system, and in

Decode an UTF8 email header

I have an email subject of the form: =?utf-8?b?t3.....?= the body of the email is utf-8 base64 encoded - and has

Read from .msg files

I need to read from outlook .msg file in .net without using com api for outlook (cos it will not be installed on the machines that my app

Send Email in Angular Typescript

I am trying send a email with html body on click of button i am using angular 10.0.8 is there any possible way to send email using smtp relay in

Insert table into mail body

I would like to add a table to a mail letter, but not as an attachment. additional requirement is to fill some cells with colors, but i'm not

Axios POST 404 not found

I want send email with form in react and to send the body to node i use this is my code: handlesubmit = async e => {

Can i use Javascript on sendgrid?

Im creating this email markup on sendgrid and the design includes a countdown time showing how many day, hours,minutes and seconds there is before

Console doesn't compile nodejs

I have a denwer local server and node.js 10.16.2. i have a main folder(with all files) and subfolder 'question'. there is file quest.js in

Laravel 6 send mail

I have an issue with authentication while sending mail with laravel smtp driver. .env file: mail_driver=smtp

With \Mail::send can not set title

In laravel 6 i send email with \mail::send (datagrip in .env) and i recieve the email, can not set title. is is the same as content of the email.

PHP string with variable

How do i add a string with a variable within the subject of a notification email? i am wanting to add data from the api into the subject email but

Laravel: validation for email

I have no idea how to make validation rules for the email field. i want to accept mail id which are not from server say ',,

Laravel 6 never emails

I understand that laravel no longer supports the mail() command that wordpress and probably every other system use to simply send an email.

Emailing in Laravel

I am trying to send a email in laravel. it works finicky to say at least. got couple of classes for sending email for different conditions. only

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