Do-while Questions


expected identifier (in C)

I am currently doing cs50 introduction to computer science: i started this code (written in c) where i have to code a pyramid based on what the

Python Selenium Do-While Loop

I am trying to complete a do-while loop with the below code. we are waiting for a report to process, and it only shows on the webpage once

Non-function do while loop in C

I'm new to programming and was hoping i could get some help. i'm attempting to create a 'do while' loop in c as part of my cs50 problem sets. i'm

End of do-while loop in C language

I'm new to the language c and here i have a code to add any number the user inputs using a do-while loop. for example if they type in 1,

How to do repeated sequence check

Question: repeated sequence check the program should enter a string (possibly containing blanks), and determine whether the characters are in

Writing a prompt inside a while-loop

I want the code to continue, only if the user inputs rock, paper or scissors, but it seems to continue after i re-enter any input the second time, despite it passing the

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