Cs50 Questions


What is a node in C?

I'm working on cs50 pset5 speller, and in the lecture they introduce a new thing called nodes. what is a node? i didn't really understand what

Bug in CS50 Readability pset2

My code compiled correctly and i passed every test case except one. the bug occurs in the sentence- "in my younger and more

expected identifier (in C)

I am currently doing cs50 introduction to computer science: i started this code (written in c) where i have to code a pyramid based on what the

cs50 speller "unload" memory leak

My cs50 speller function finally works, but when entering it into check50, it says there is a memory error with valgrind. here is my unload

CS50 Filter(less) blur function

I'm extremely new to cs and thought i would turn to the community for help. i've been stuck on the blur function of the filter (less) pset for 6+

Box Blur simplified CS50

I am hoping someone can help me. i am having a really hard time with the box blur problem in pset4. i am trying to simplify the concept so i can

CS50 - PSet4 (Filter) - Blur

I'm running the following code void blur(int height, int width, rgbtriple image[height][width]) { for (int i = 0; i <

C : Function Declaration

#include <stdio.h> #include <cs50.h> #include <string.h> #include <ctype.h> int count_letters(string

Words count JavaScript - For Loop

Updated: i realize that in c i initialized the word counter 1. (i've tried to delete the inquiry but i was not allowed) :/ in order to try

Experimenting with Pointers in C

I'm new to coding and started my journey about a month ago. i just completed problem set 4 for cs50 but wanted to play around a bit with pointers.

Why am I getting errors?

I'm trying to create a program that accepts cmd line arguments to encipher a plaintext! the program must accept one cmd line argument after its

How to call a bool function in main?

I am trying to create a function by which i can check if the data entered match a triangle or not. i managed to do the function, but i am having a

CS50 Luhn's Algorithm in C

I'm new to c and i'm doing cs50. i can't get my code to work. i'm almost positive the for statement is correct. the sum given by the for statement

Hash function precision issue

I'm writing a program that spell checks words, but my hash function is not returning the same number for the same words. my question is how

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