Jan 02

Passive income from cryptocurrency USDT - earn 4% daily

cjcjapp.com site is not working. its a listed as fraud website..
LIMITED OFFER ! - cjcjapp.com create account and we will deposit first 30 USDT for you.
  1. create account here cjcjapp.com.
  2. take screenshot of your account page and deposit screen.
  3. copy deposit screen address where to deposite.
  4. share screen shot links (google drive) and deposit address from contact us page.
  5. after review we will release 30 USDT free to that CJAPP account. you can withdraw it to your account as you like.

I am NOT sponsoring this website, I also get information from the internet and get profits daily. If I can earn you can earn as well.

If this website cjcjapp.com stuck for a while it can double your USDT in approx 16 days. you can make 120% return on your cryptocurrency.

cryptocurrency market is very unstable so, please it's advisable to invest only your spare money not the saving money. given website is not under my control it can shut down any time and you can lose all of your invested money.

Let's not waste your time and summarise it in short first.

for better experience use your mobile as the site is built for mobile, however, it is totally fine to use the computer as well, if you need invite-code use this: myjprl
  1. You need to create one account on website cjcjapp.com

  2. Now you need to deposit cryptocurrency: USDT (TRC 20). make sure it's TRC 20 tron based USDT coin. you can go as minimum as 30 USDT to 100 USDT. it's not advised to go more than 500 USDT at once.

  3. Now every day you need to finish 50 orders. (how to finish orders you can check below in details guide). once you finish all 50 orders you can withdraw your amount or go for the next day. you will get 50 orders every 24 hours.

    1. For-ex: you added 100 USDT you can earn 0.4% profit daily
    2. you can get income bouns for a limited time 8 USDT. (if you deposit 101+ USDT)
    3. so after one day you will have 100 USDT + 4 USDT + 8 USDT => 112 USDT
    4. after 2 days 112 USDT + 4.48 USDT(0.4%) => 116.48 USDT
    5. it can go up until you withdraw your funds.

  1. Fortunately unlike other investments there is NO LOCK-IN period. you can withdraw your amount at any time. within 24 hrs it will be in your wallet.

  2. If the site keeps running you can earn 120%+ profit on your USDT per month. (In my case it's still running so I am getting daily profit even if the site goes down and I lose my USDT I am still in profit..)`

1. Creating an account

Go to site: cjcjapp.com and start creating account.

Please use your correct mobile no. and a very different password than your usual ones.

You can not register without an invite-code so you can use this one: myjprl

Once you log in you will be redirected to the home screen.

Create account screencreate-account
Home screenhome-screen

2. Depositing funds, if you are using cryptocurrency then you must be knowing about the wallet and binance etc..

  1. Here you just need to go to the deposit screen
  2. Deposit screen 1 - select TRC 20
  3. Deposit screen 3 - fill the desired amount, transfer amount to given address and once the transaction is successful then take a screenshot of it and select there screenshot. as well copy transaction id of your transaction and past in TXID box. and then confirm/submit it.
  4. Deposit screen 4 - balance will reflect on grab order screen.
It will take 5-7 minutes to finish transaction and appear in your deposit account. make sure to deposite amount + 1 USDT to pay network fees.
if the transaction is done and the amount is not reflected within 10-20 minutes please go to the online section (Deposit screen - 4) and from there you can talk to customer care using `Whatsapp`. they will ask for your username, a screenshot of the transfer and transaction id. after validating it they will add funds instantly.
From Home screen to deposit screenhome-deposit-screen
Deposit screen - 1 - select TRC 20deposit-screen-1

Deposit screen - 3deposit-screen-2
Deposit screen - 4 blance will reflect heredeposit-screen-3

3. Place orders

  1. Once you deposit your fund you need to start finishing orders. you need to finish all 50 orders to activate withdrawal for that day. it will take only 10 mins to complete the order.
  2. Orders are reset every 24 hours.
  3. Order Reset cycle for this app is singapor 1:00PM
Go to grab order pagegrab-order-screen
How to finish all orders.place-order-video

4. Add withdraw address and set security pin-code to enable withdraw feature.

You need to add the withddwal method to withdraw your funds. its a relatively easy process. follow screenshots and Troncan add your withdrawal method. you need to use your tron coin wallet address here.

and make your you remember your transaction pin code correctly.

Account screenaccount-details
Select Withdrawal methodwithdrawal-1

Click Add Withdrawal methodwithdrawal-2
Fill all details and transaction passwordwithdrawal-3

Please remember transaction password correctly, as its needed for withdrawal.

It's very easy to withdraw funds. you can withdraw all of the funds at any time without any lock-in period of time.

5. Withdrawing fund (anytime in a day - 1 times per day), please first finish all 50 orders to availa this.

From home screen to withdraw.home-screen-withdraw
Add transaction passowrd and click confirm.final-withdraw

It will take 5-7 minutes to finish transaction and appear in your deposit account. make sure to deposite amount + 1 USDT to pay network fees.
if the transaction is done and the amount is NOT reflected in your wallet. please go to the `online section` and from there you can talk to customer care using` WhatsApp`. they will ask for your username. after validating it they will release the fund instantly.

To maximize profit do not withdraw daily as its 1 USDT fees to withdraw and 1 USDT fee to deposit. so you will lose 2 USDT in process.

you can withdraw every 3 days if you like. if you have a bigger amount then you can also withdraw daily as your profit will be more than 2 USDT.

In short, you invest 1000 USDT you can earn 28 USDT daily and withdraw them at any time.

if you have any doubt please contact us and site url is cjcjapp.com.