Dec 31

Passive income from cryptocurrency guide - earn 5% daily site is not working. its a listed as fraud website.

I am NOT sponsoring this website, I also get information from the internet and I risked my own spare money/cryptocurrency and now I am earning passive income from cryptocurrency. so I thought why not others can also earn from it and prepare this guide. If this website stuck here for some more time you can easily make some income from it.

cryptocurrency market is very unstable so, please it's advisable to invest only your spare money not the saving money. given website is not under my control it can shut down any time and you can lose your all of your invested money.
If you think its litte risky then do not worry please open account and we will deposit 10 TRX for you to check it out, you can withdraw `0.25` trx daily. if you feel its working then continue otherwise you do not need to lose anyting. - please create account and share account info(mine) screenshot (upload to your google drive and share public link) and deposit address - to us from contact us page. we will deposit first 10 TRX in your account for testing.

Let's not waste your time and summarise it in short first.

for better experience use your mobile as the site is built for mobile, however it is totally fine to use the computer as well, if you need invite-code use this: 71478786
  1. You need to create one account on website

  2. Now you need to deposit cryptocurrency: TRON (TRX). you can go as minimum as 5 TRX. it's good not to go more than 1000 TRX.

  3. Now every day you can withdraw 5% of your main balance.

    1. For-ex: you added 100 trx you can daily withdraw 5 trx
    2. You need to do it for 20 days. 20 x 5 => 100 trx you will get your basic income back.
  4. Fortunately If the site keeps running then you will get daily 5 trx for free till the site stop. (In my case it's still running so I got my basic income back as well getting daily profit.)

1. Creating an account

Go to site:

Please use your correct mobile no. and a very different password than your usual ones. make sure you remember the password and security password.

Security password: this will be used when you withdraw the amount so please remember it.

You can not register without an invite-code so you can use this one: 71478786

Once you log in you will be redirected to the home screen.

Create account screencreate-account
Home screenhome-screen

2. Depositing funds, if you are using cryptocurrency then you must be knowing about the wallet and binance etc..

  1. Here you just need to go to the deposit screen
  2. copy the given trx address and transfer your desired amount to this address.
It will take 2-3 minutes to finish transaction and appear in your deposit account. Make sure not to deposit too much amount max 1000 trx is enough.
From Home screen to deposit screenhome-deposit-screen
Deposit screendeposit-screen

3. Now daily withdrawal. you need to withdraw a daily amount

  1. Here you just need to go to the withdrawal screen
  2. in quota add given Daily Withdraw Limit amount
  3. add your tron wallet public address
  4. fill your security password and submit the request
It will take 2-3 minutes to finish transaction and appear in your account.
From Home screen to withdraw screenhome-deposit-screen
Withdraw screenwithdraw-screen

You can see in withdraw screen, Daily Withdraw Limit will be 5% of your deposit amount.

  1. Make sure to do it daily basis as if you miss you will lose your 5% of that day and you now have to add 1 more day into 20days to get your main invested amount back.
  2. After 20 days of successful withdrawal you get your main investment back.
  3. Now for the next days it will be a profit 5% everyday withdrawal till the site is up and running.

In short, you invest 100 trx you have to withdraw 5 trx daily up to 20 days. and after that all withdrawals are profit.

More reward benefit - so far 21 user registred out of 100

If you register using my link and if you deposit the amount I will get 13% amount, please send me wallet address and your username from the contact us page. after verification I will send him 13% amount back. only first 100 users will get this benefit.

So now if you spend 100 trx -> 13% I will receive as a referral and I will return it to you, so you are investing -> 87 trxto recover 87 trx -> 87/5 -> you only need 17 days instead whole 20 days

if you have any doubt please contact us and site url is