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CoreData Entity to Model

I do get a json and parse it to my model. in order to use this data while i am offline, i do store it using core data. for this, i created an

Core Data UML Diagram mindset

So i'm building my first "real" application with core data and i have a question whether i am thinking the right way or not. here's my

Delete CoreData object

I am still struggling with coredata to start the week haha. i finally succeeded in saving and fetching my array, now is time to edit

Core Data Many To Many Relations

I have a problem with ios core data and many to many relations. i want to write a fitness application. so i need three tables. following

Coredata Lightweight Migration Fails

If i add a new model version and then add an attribute to an entity i get a migration failure. it doesn't matter what the type of the attribute is

Coredata is not updated

I wanted to update one record in my core data entity and i write code for it but the data is not updated . there is entity posts and it

Core data entity manager

I want to write class for manage all entity that i have in my application. there is my code fore managerclass for one custom entity, but i have a

Best way to avoid singleton

For our ios programming class we must make a framework for swift ios. we had the idea of a framework simplifying coredata manipulation. i began by

Cloudkit strategy with inheritance

My data model is using inheritance with core data, and i can think of 3 strategies to store this data into cloudkit records. in the model

Relationship fault in Coredata

I know that there is much question about this problem on so, but none of them was helpful for me. i want to set array of students to each

UITableview Section?

I am trying to have two sections in my tableview. i would like items to add to section 0 and then be able to select a row to move it from section

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