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Hugo with React?

Is it possible/ideal to use something like hugo with react? i am aware of gatsby, but would hugo work as well. i have limited knowledge of

How to make node cms modular

I want to make my node cms (at this moment only login,reg, articles) modular. like you can add or remove any module just be deleting or adding

Which database am I using in TYPO3?

I have created a lot of different instances of typo3 versions and have not cleverly named my databases. is there a way to find out which databse i

Prevent CMS identification

I have a little curiosity. i often use extensions like wappalyzer to try to understand certain sites about which cms are based and, in this

Shopify bulk file upload to assets

I wanted to upload my previous theme on shopify, which is a 401mb zip file. but the shopify only allows 50mb max upload. so i unzipped my theme,

Add category slug in post page

I am beginner in october cms and using rainlab blog plugin for my personal blog. i want to display category slug in the url of blog post page, how

OCtoberCMS Blog plugin Rainlab

When i create a new post and write in the excerpt, the post image on the news page just dissappears . it only works if i have no excerpt. also ..

How to change a shopify theme name

Does any one know how i can change a shopify theme's name? i can't seem to find the file. i tried using wingrep to search and find the theme name but didn't come up with

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