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textfield in closure swift

let creatordb = database.database().reference().child("a") creatordb.querylimited(tolast: 1).observe(.childadded) { (snapshot) in

Swift closures and error handling

Hello, i need some help with function and or possibly closures in that function. i want my function to check the firestore users collection for

Result pass Callback

How can call that commeneted line : result(paymentmethods)? same with error i want to pass. i tried it but not able to understand.

Completion Handlers in swift 4

I have a problem i'm trying to wrap my head around relating to the use of completion handlers. i have 3 layers in my ios program, the

Need help understanding closures

I was understanding closure and tried to do some experiments and that's when i came across this problem. when i execute code show

Closure Javascript

I have a question about a closure in js. below is the given fonction: function multiplicationpardeux() { var chiffre = 10;

Routing not based on roles

Laravel 5.5 question. let say the user is already authenticated and have the correct access role however you want them to perform an

Optimizing capture lists

Is there such a thing? is there any difference between the two below? is one more "correct" than the other? all objects are properties of

Laravel eloquent foreach loop

I am having a foreach loop that goes through an array, and saves data with eloquent. and it works fine when it is like this:

JS scope access

[update] i get confirmation that i can not do that. all: i am pretty new to js scope, say i have a function

Simple Javascript Closure Issue

I know why this doesn't work, but can't find the correct way of doing it. i'm trying to build an object using a loop. the object builds

Convert Library to JavaScript closure

I have an external library of javascript functions that i need to pull into my server-side google apps script project. i'm doing this mainly for performance reasons, but

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