Feb 28

M2 macbook pro price performance release date leaks

After an extraordinary performance of the Apple silicon m1 processor, everybody is waiting for its successor M2 apple silicon processor. If you have seen the power of the M1 Apple silicon processor, behold there is a new hero in town and it will be M1's younger brother M2 chipset with blazing fast performance and major leaks are pointing to 8th march for this major release of M2 Apple silicon powered MacBook pros and MacBook air.

It is speculated that the M2 Apple silicon processor may have new cores and improved Instruction per cycle. Moreover, it's highly anticipated that the M2 processor node will be developed on 4-nanometer technology. It will give M2 processor a better performance to power consumption ratio. yes and with that already improved battery life can also be improved more and it can be 20+ hours of battery backup. Let's see what else we can expect from the new beast M2 Apple silicon processor



The M2 is expected to have the same 8-core CPU architecture, there will be four power cores and four efficiency cores and there will be improvements as it may be built on a smaller node 4 nanometers.

Apple is also planning to make more powerful GPU on their new M2 models by adding extra cores to GPU respectively making them 9 to 10 core GPU instead of 7 to 8 cores in older M1 MacBooks. so here in GPU, we can expect 30% improvement one is from shrinking node side to 4 nanometers and one is from the new M2 model.



Overall we can expect a 20 to 30 percent improvement in CPU performance based on 4-nanometer lithography. GPU will gain massive 30 to 40 percent improvement due to its higher core count.



Battery lifetime is the major key product for all MacBooks as they provide exceptional backup hours from the competition. we can expect 20 hours plus of battery from this new apple M2 silicon processor. 4 nanometers will give an extra performance with less power consumption and it will increase battery life up to 8 to 10 percentage

MiniLED Display


Apple is trying to switch from old generation LED panels from their new technology of mini led display and they are doing that very fast. last year MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch ditch normal LED in favor of Mini LED display for good. Now Apple is planning to give that same Mini LED to their MacBook Air and MacBook 13 inch lineup. so all M2 Apple silicon products may come with a new Mini LED display.

MacBook Pro or Macbook Air


We are expecting which line will be rewarded with the new Apple M2 silicon first if it's MacBook air or is it MacBook pro 13 inch or even if it's not MacBook at all. Maybe new macs may get this reward first. anyways time will tell who is chosen one for the new Apple M2 silicon. we can expect 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook pros will not get M2 next year not very soon as they already got pro and max chipset.



With these new features, we can expect this M2 model can be a little expensive. but with this extra expense, you are getting a Mini LED display and the latest M2 chipset with great performance and battery backup. MacBook ait with apple M2 silicon could be launched at $1100 or $1200 price tag. 13 inch M2 MacBook pro could be around $2000 price tag.

Release date

M2-release-date Apple has already revealed their spring event date which is 8th March 2022 and we are truly expecting this new Apple M2 silicon-powered MacBooks or macs will launch in that event.


Whatever Apple is choosing is always going to be amazing. Apple M2 MacBooks are one step further to efficient and fast productivity for the developers. They will surely release 3 to 4 macs this march.