Feb 01

M1X macbook pro 14 inch price release date leaks

Last Year ending was fantastic for Apple, they posted September quarter revenue of $64.7 billion and quarterly earnings per diluted share of $0.73. Clearly there M1 product line is making lots of profit last year. 2021 is yet more powerful year for Apple and they are going to release there next line up with more powerful M1X chipset.

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M1X macbbok pro 14 inch and 16 inch is speculated to introduce in Q3 October Apple event. And OH boy !! this M1X Soc will blow your mind with its performance and power efficiencty. M1X rumered to be 12 core monster or even 16 cores with 8 core high performace core and 4 power efficiency core and 16 graphics cores instead 8 cores, alos M1X can support more than 2 thunderbolt ports so we can expect more input ports with M1X line up macbooks.


Mini-LED is also part of big rumors for the next generation M1X MacBooks. Yes, it's mini-LED not OLED. Because OLED has some down points burn-in, issues with yield and scale, and power consumption. mini-LED uses thousands of tiny, 200 micron LEDs, grouped together. That lets them get blacks and White parts across the panel. it's not equivalent to OLED but it can be its competitor.


Wi-Fi 6 is also speculated to come with new 16 inch MacBook pro. M-series chipset is ARM-based so maybe next MacBooks have 5G cellular networking as well, who knows.


Touch Bar is completely removed from new M1X MacBooks, seems Apple now finally understands exactly need of users and going to the right direction, they are also going to add an SD card slot and some more IO options in 16-inch MacBook Pro, we are not 100% sure what ports 14 inches M1X MacBook pro will get though.


The M-series does have Secure Enclave and everything, so now we do not need T2 chip. But, it also has a full-on Apple Neural Engine. Which can be used for Face ID and we can see Face ID in new M1X macbooks as well.


Redesign - from long time all line up is having same monotonous design. But with M1X MacBooks may have new look, just like the 2020 IPad Pro, with round bezels with a little bit of flat squarish design.


We can speculate Price for this new machine will be little bit higher then M1 counterpart. M1X Macbook 14 inch will be approx around 1800$ and M1X Macbook 16 inch it will be approx 2200$.

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