Mar 08

Apple M1X MacBook pro benchmark leak with huge performance boost

Apple’s M1 chip was a new standard of laptop computing, yes we are using WAS as its successor is just around the corner to take its crown which is a new generation M1X processor with 12 cores, 8 High-performance core which is double the performance over M1 chipset and 4 power-efficient cores.

CPU-monkey seems to leaked the score of this new M1X processor and it looks, it's dominating desktop line CPUs.

score coparision

source: CPU Monkey

with the scoper of 14450 in Cinebench R23, it's beating all new intel's 10th generation core i9 10900X, and it's no joke.

the story does not stop here it also has a 16-core GPU with 256 execution units and that's double the 128 units found in the current M1 processor. so you would expect 2 times more graphics performance out of this new beast.

You can check new specifications in the image below

m1x cpu

source: CPU Monkey

The new Apple M1X processor will also come with an increased TDP of 35W-45W so they can easily feed those powerful high-performance cores, it will also support up to 32GB of LPDDR4X memory and PCIe 4.0 storage for blazing-fast data transfer speed.

MacBook 14-inch 2021 may have the new M1X chip inside it, although it is not confirmed. This MacBook is rumored to offer a new mini-LED display as well and don't forget that memory card reader slot.

M1X isn’t the only processor which is worked on apple is also working on a 32-core CPU and 32-core GPUs parts for higher-end MacBooks and i-macs.

the M1X is just filling the gap between the M1 and a significantly more powerful M2 chip from apple.

If you think M1 is fast, you haven’t seen M1X ;)