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Query to String from Room Database

How do i create a query to my room database from example the sum of a database column then convert it to a string to then populate text fields in

How to get LiveData from Room?

I'm trying to get livedata from room. so my recycleview can have live updates if anything in database is changed i have tried with out

Nullable foreign key on room

I would know if that is possible to create a possible null reference on foreign key with room. for now my database structure is like this

ROOM database entity modeling

There must be a better way of doing this. i want to create a database table with all my clothing and have subcategories of clothing, like

Get today's expenses in Room

I'm trying to get all today's expenses divided by type (bills, food etc.) from the room database, but my query doesn't work. how to change

Android Room Base64

I am trying to save a base64 value into my sqlite database using room and for some reason it's not saving. well, i'm assuming it's not saving

Get two sums from Room database

I have two tables in room and i need to get from them two sums. i know how to get it from one table, but i can't find the solution of my problem.

Infinite loop of SyncAdapter

Yesterday i tested my app in some virtual devices in genymotion, and i realized some times, app sends infinite sync requests to the server on some

Room - Synchronous @Delete all

Suppose we'd like to replace all items in android room db in the simplest possible way. what would be the approach to this

Android: Using Room and Firestore?

I wrote an app that saves and uses data in/from a cloud firestore database. i would want to organize more clearly than for the moment my files,

Room doesn't insert data to DB

I want to insert some data to my db in android room. the problem is, that everytime i request my data, the result is null. this is

Room Update Multiple Fields

I would like to update some fields from table 1 to be the same as the values from another table (or even a subquery).

RoomDB in JobSchedulerService

I recently added jobscheduler to my app via a jobservice. i use the jobservice to sync with my database periodically in the background and update

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